For four generations
we grow potatoes of the highest quality for you

For four generations
we grow potatoes of the highest quality for you

About us

The family-owned Agrico Bohemia, s.r.o. was founded by Ing. František Vavřina in 1999.
The family has been growing potatoes in the Vysočina region for four generations. Thanks to a wealth of experience and superior quality of their products, Agrico Bohemia stands as one of the most prestigious breeding companies in the Czech Republic. Within the country, it is the only representative of one of the world’s largest and best-known potato breeding and growing businesses, the Dutch Agrico company. It further represents the Austrian based company NÖS.
Short after its successful foundation, it had become clear that Agrico Bohemia needed to expand its activities beyond distribution and increasing its harvest capacity. Therefore, the company took a step further and now provides its customers with comprehensive service.
The company hired experienced agronomists, who in close cooperation with the farmers managed to expand production capacities of potatoes, onions and select root vegetables on a national scale. To facilitate distribution, the company opened a designated packaging centre in Salačova Lhota near Pacov. It is equipped with an internationally certified packaging machine of the highest technological standard, which comes with robotic and optical sorting mechanisms, modern packaging system and a polisher. This ensures easy and precise operation at the annual capacity of 30 000 to 35 000 tons. To provide the market with its full assortment year-round, Agrico Bohemia imports top-quality crops from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Israel and Egypt. It also includes unique potato breeds by the Dutch AGRICO company in its offer.

Seed potatoes

The basis of every yield in potato growing is quality seedlings. Therefore, AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. distributes certified seed potatoes from the Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic, which must meet the strictest control conditions. Its customers include large, medium and small growers in all areas of the Czech Republic.

Table potatoes

• first early potatoes
• second earlies potatoes
• maincrop potatoes

We offer all cooking types of potatoes - A, B, C

Industrial potatoes

Industrial potatoes varieties meet the demanding requirements of potato processors. They are suitable for the production of potato chips, french fries or mashed potatoes.

Starchy potatoes

These varieties are characterized by a high dry matter content and at the same time a very high yield of tubers.

Organic potatoes

AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. also distributes varieties suitable for organic cultivation. It offers them in all types of cooking (A, B, C) and at the same time in all types of early (early, semi-early, late).



Owner / CEO
ing.František Vavřina

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Business activity
Rudolf Kučera
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Radek Shauer
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Jaroslav Černý
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Agrico Bohemia s.r.o.
Nerudova 3078,
390 02 Tábor - Česká republika


IČ: 26021609, DIČ: CZ26021609
Reference number: C 9505/KSCB
Country court in České Budějovice

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